Joe and Babe Show #47: Rainbows Everywhere!

The Joe and Babe ShowRainbows Festival, ah yes, it marks the time of the year when the weather changes, the leaves turn colors, and you get out your jackets. OK, well, maybe that’s a different Rainbows Festival maybe in some other cooler climate! It’s time once again for Rainbows Festival Weekend and we’ve got the guy who’s been running it for ten years: Don Hamill.

Rainbows FestivalListen as Don talks about the inspiration of the Festival, how it has grown and changed and what is in store for the Festival in the future.  What’s new this year, you might ask?  Well, OUTday Phoenix has moved to Sunday at Rainbows Festival.  The event, put on by Phoenix Pride, gets a full description as we talk to Jimmie Munoz from our fabulous Pride organization.

Plus, just who the heck is Don Hamill, anyways?  How is he involved in the community and where did he come from?  Outside of that, what’s going on in the rest of the world?  We voice our gripes on the recent and horrific Facebook re-design, the Netflix split and a brief headline on the soon-to-be-retirement of local drag queen Afeelya Bunz.

Rainbows Festival is October 1st and 2nd from 10am to 6pm in Heritage Square Park in Downtown Phoenix.

Don’t forget to come out this weekend and see “You Should Meet My Son!” at FilmBar and help us support AIDS Walk Phoenix!