The Clayton McKee Show with guests Joe and Babe

The Joe and Babe ShowClayton McKee does his very first podcast in his entire broadcast career! We let him in the studio and he takes over, but we eventually wrangle back the show and ask him the tough questions!

Clayton McKee

So, who is this Clayton McKee anyways? Where did he come from? What’s his story? He seems to ‘take over the town’ anywhere he goes, and with good reason! He’s got that amazing voice and the ability to adapt and improv in nearly any situation. You can find Clayton emceeing at many events and community establishments around town.
As always, we’ve got the phone calls and the banter from the chat room on the show. And, in keeping with the times, we do a little reflection on where we were ten years ago — on the fateful 11th day of September 2001.