TechnoBabble #6: Technology After September 11th

TechnoBabbleWe’re back after a few weeks of massive tech announcements.  It’s hard to cover it all, but we’re continuing to work on getting more regularly scheduled shows for our tech fans out there!  Bradly is out again, but we’ve got “that guy from the office” — Richard, to fill-in this week!  Here is our run-down, notes and links for this week’s show!


Fantastically FAST

Skype now works with any home phone

HP to bring back TouchPad for last production run

Sony Walkman gets a taste of Android


New group-coupon service for us: Gaypon

Facebook Smart Friend Lists

Microsoft Bold New Look of Windows 8

Fusion Garage Grid Tablet — $299$299/

Fresh Local Tech

Australia to get its first utility-scale solar plant
(First Solar from Tempe is a major partner)

Space, The Final Frontier

Space station might be abandoned if Russia can’t get the Soyuz rockets fixed!

Science News
A ‘super Earth’ may be a possibility!

Rumors Abound!

Apple loses another iPhone — in a bar!  Police impersonators doing investigation?

Calls from Arizona

Trevor Fish — wants advice on a online backup solution

Major Discussion Points
How September 11th has changed the world, tech-wise.  Tech as it was on 9/11/2001.  What’s changed?  Airline security, gadgets, privacy, web attacks……and more!


Online backup solutions — Crashplan

Backlight control app for Mac, Windows and Linux!