Joe and Babe Show #45: Pandora DeStrange

The Joe and Babe ShowPandora DeStrange moved to Phoenix and quickly realized that the drag community here needed help.  Over several years, she’s helped the community come together and improve the quality of drag shows in the Valley’s bar scene.

Pandora DeStrange

It’s the first time that we’ve had anyone from the drag community on any of our shows, and it certainly won’t be the last!  Pandora will be launching her own show on QTalk Arizona in October, to be called “All That Glitters” and it will be a whole new kind of show for our listeners.

Pandora talks about coming out, how the drag queens are perceived, the challenges they’ve faced in the past and moving drag performance into the future.  Plus, your calls and questions from our live chat!

Check out Pandora’s website and Facebook page!