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SportsCast #2: Dennis Rodman Wacky As Ever!

SportsCastOn this episode, Josh and Alfonzo talk about the latest remarks from Dennis Rodman.  He’s as crazy as ever and as controversial as ever too.  Plus, pretty gay Madonna music and the latest LGBT sports news and views.

SportsCast is produced through a partnership with Compete Radio and QTalk Arizona and features excerpts from Compete Radio’s weekly program.  For the full version, visit

Joe and Babe Show #48: Miss Millie and the Transgender Community

The Joe and Babe ShowMiss Millie C. Bloodworth was born a male, but knew who she truly was.  Listen to her story of growing up in ‘Mo Town’ and eventually moving to Arizona, her involvement with the community and her perspective on what transgender youth are dealing with today.

Her book, “The Exceptional, Impossible Woman Indeed!”, is changing publishers at the moment but we’ll let you know when you can buy it!

On November 17th, Millie will be speaking at Phoenix College in a Town Hall Meeting — everything you wanted to know about sex, gender, orientation but were afraid to ask.  Arizona Bridge for Independence will also be there and Millie has worked with them for nearly 20 years.

TechnoBabble #7: Faster Than The Speed Of Light!

TechnoBabbleBrad’s back in the studio for this edition of TechnoBabble, and we’re running a little longer than normal but still bringing you the tech news using our faster-than-light voices.   Got a question for us or feedback on something that we talked about?  E-mail us at or leave us a voicemail at (440) 847-8255!

Below is the rundown of the stories we’re covering in this episode.

Fantastically FASTFoldit game leads to AIDS research breakthrough

Whitman likely to getHP CEO nod today

Boeing finally delivers first 787 Dreamliner

Man builds social network using Atlantic Ocean

Fresh Local Tech

Solyndra bankruptcy may cause problems for First Solar (discussion point)

Got Old Technology? Free Recycling Day October 1st

Space, The Final Frontier

Orbit the Earth from the ISS!

Science News

Particles found to break speed of light (Warp drive, here we come!)

Scientists Can (Almost) Read Your Mind, Turn Thoughts into Movies

Off Beat

Study: Coffee Drinkers Less Likely to be Depressed

Rumors Abound!

What do we think that the new iPhone hardware will have (and iOS 5 extras?)?
(Official Announcement on Tues 10/4)

Major Discussion Points

Facebook re-design insanity.
Netflix and Qwikster


(first look) ‘Glif’  iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand (Crowd-sourced thru Kickstarter)

Queers! #3: More wine, please!

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!We were so busy trying to get as many details into this episode that we even forgot to introduce ourselves!  (Going around the room during our ‘Queers’ intro it’s Joe, Nathan, Claudine and Libbie — for those playing along at home).

Claudine and Libbie, along with their partners, took a trip to San Francisco, Sonoma and Napa that has both Nathan and Joe totally jealous and they give us the details of their adventures.  From walking the wrong way and down a hill in SF to their relaxing and wine-sampling travels in wine country, we get the entire divine tale.

Nathan tells us about the wonderful trip he took recently to the Harvest Festival in the wine country of the Verde Valley of Arizona and Joe mentions the fabulous weekend (which started off with a wine tasting) up in the Red Rocks of Sedona enjoying their Pride festivities.

Ever wanted to add something a little extra special to your dessert?  How about liquor-infused whipped cream?  Yes, there is such a thing!  (Joe heard about it, strangely enough, on the NSFW show on TWiT)

Joe gives his full review of Rum Bar and the Breadfruit in Downtown Phoenix.  Hint: order the scallops, they’re totally hot!

As we enter fall, what’s your favorite food of the season?  We share our own favorites and stories.


Shameless plugs for our co-hosts blogs:

Libbie ( | Nathan (

Joe and Babe Show #47: Rainbows Everywhere!

The Joe and Babe ShowRainbows Festival, ah yes, it marks the time of the year when the weather changes, the leaves turn colors, and you get out your jackets. OK, well, maybe that’s a different Rainbows Festival maybe in some other cooler climate! It’s time once again for Rainbows Festival Weekend and we’ve got the guy who’s been running it for ten years: Don Hamill.

Rainbows FestivalListen as Don talks about the inspiration of the Festival, how it has grown and changed and what is in store for the Festival in the future.  What’s new this year, you might ask?  Well, OUTday Phoenix has moved to Sunday at Rainbows Festival.  The event, put on by Phoenix Pride, gets a full description as we talk to Jimmie Munoz from our fabulous Pride organization.

Plus, just who the heck is Don Hamill, anyways?  How is he involved in the community and where did he come from?  Outside of that, what’s going on in the rest of the world?  We voice our gripes on the recent and horrific Facebook re-design, the Netflix split and a brief headline on the soon-to-be-retirement of local drag queen Afeelya Bunz.

Rainbows Festival is October 1st and 2nd from 10am to 6pm in Heritage Square Park in Downtown Phoenix.

Don’t forget to come out this weekend and see “You Should Meet My Son!” at FilmBar and help us support AIDS Walk Phoenix!

The Clayton McKee Show with guests Joe and Babe

The Joe and Babe ShowClayton McKee does his very first podcast in his entire broadcast career! We let him in the studio and he takes over, but we eventually wrangle back the show and ask him the tough questions!

Clayton McKee

So, who is this Clayton McKee anyways? Where did he come from? What’s his story? He seems to ‘take over the town’ anywhere he goes, and with good reason! He’s got that amazing voice and the ability to adapt and improv in nearly any situation. You can find Clayton emceeing at many events and community establishments around town.
As always, we’ve got the phone calls and the banter from the chat room on the show. And, in keeping with the times, we do a little reflection on where we were ten years ago — on the fateful 11th day of September 2001.

TechnoBabble #6: Technology After September 11th

TechnoBabbleWe’re back after a few weeks of massive tech announcements.  It’s hard to cover it all, but we’re continuing to work on getting more regularly scheduled shows for our tech fans out there!  Bradly is out again, but we’ve got “that guy from the office” — Richard, to fill-in this week!  Here is our run-down, notes and links for this week’s show!


Fantastically FAST

Skype now works with any home phone

HP to bring back TouchPad for last production run

Sony Walkman gets a taste of Android


New group-coupon service for us: Gaypon

Facebook Smart Friend Lists

Microsoft Bold New Look of Windows 8

Fusion Garage Grid Tablet — $299$299/

Fresh Local Tech

Australia to get its first utility-scale solar plant
(First Solar from Tempe is a major partner)

Space, The Final Frontier

Space station might be abandoned if Russia can’t get the Soyuz rockets fixed!

Science News
A ‘super Earth’ may be a possibility!

Rumors Abound!

Apple loses another iPhone — in a bar!  Police impersonators doing investigation?

Calls from Arizona

Trevor Fish — wants advice on a online backup solution

Major Discussion Points
How September 11th has changed the world, tech-wise.  Tech as it was on 9/11/2001.  What’s changed?  Airline security, gadgets, privacy, web attacks……and more!


Online backup solutions — Crashplan

Backlight control app for Mac, Windows and Linux!

Joe and Babe Show #45: Pandora DeStrange

The Joe and Babe ShowPandora DeStrange moved to Phoenix and quickly realized that the drag community here needed help.  Over several years, she’s helped the community come together and improve the quality of drag shows in the Valley’s bar scene.

Pandora DeStrange

It’s the first time that we’ve had anyone from the drag community on any of our shows, and it certainly won’t be the last!  Pandora will be launching her own show on QTalk Arizona in October, to be called “All That Glitters” and it will be a whole new kind of show for our listeners.

Pandora talks about coming out, how the drag queens are perceived, the challenges they’ve faced in the past and moving drag performance into the future.  Plus, your calls and questions from our live chat!

Check out Pandora’s website and Facebook page!

Joe and Babe Show #44: Travel, Vacations and Gay Weddings!

The Joe and Babe ShowOn this week’s show, we’re talking with travel and wedding planner Denise Meredith from DMCI Travel.  She’s been an ally of the LGBT community for many years and can even help you plan your wedding or commitment ceremony!

What’s the hottest travel destination in the world right now?  Or in the USA?  What are some great tips on planning travel and special vacations?  What about getting a great deal on a cruise?  She’s got a treasure trove of information for you!

And what about a great wedding in New York?  She’s got connections from ‘back home’ to help you plan a memorable ceremony and party afterward!

Have more questions for Denise?  Get in touch with her on her website or on Facebook!