TechnoBabble #5: Googorola, TouchPad Madness and Apple without Jobs

TechnoBabbleIt’s been a completely CRAZY couple weeks of technology news!  What’s next?  Aliens come down and give us the iPhone 45.3 and it turns out they have descended from some crazy marriage of Apple, Google and Nokia??

Here’s the links and some notes from this week’s show:


Fantastically FAST

Steve Jobs steps down as Apple CEO

Verizon 4G LTE now reaches more than half the U.S.

Weather layer added to Google Maps

Report: Cell phone use could reduce sperm count

AT&T to shake up its SMS plans

‘App Store’ among Windows 8 features

HP spins off PC business, scraps webOS, phones and tablets.

6 Reasons the guy who’s fixing your computer hates you

Device helps take guesswork out of buying an EV (driving patterns)

Microsoft wishes Linux a happy birthday!  (Linus Torvalds introduced Linux back in 1991)


Fresh Local Tech

Blythe solar project switches to PV from solar thermal


Space, The Final Frontier

Antimatter found in rings around Earth!,2817,2390638,00.asp


Science News

Prosthetic hand for high school student in Britain

kill your router, Internet will come from everywhere





Rumors Abound!

Developers get iOS 5 beta 5 for weekend fun (voice recognition improving?)


Major Discussion Points

Google Buys Motorola.  What’s next?  Apple buys AT&T?  Samsung? RIM? Nokia?

Hackers break into BART police union Web site

What is the right thing to do with these protests?  Kill the cell service temporarily?

Android users versus iPhone users

The end of webOS and TouchPad.  We barely knew you! (intro’d in July)

Joe’s story about nabbing a cheap TouchPad with sound byte



HP TouchPad



Backlight control app for OSX


A co-worker found the iNapkin 2 app and told me about it.  Looks pretty cool!  Drawing, text overlays, full color control — and the background looks like a napkin.  $1.99 Sweet!