Joe and Babe Show #41: Summertime, and the living’s easy…

The Joe and Babe ShowOh yes, we stole our title from that famous song.  But it is truly all about summer on this week’s show!  What does summer mean to us?  Is it about going swimming?  Getting a tan?  Eating lots of ice cream to stay cool?  We talk about our favorite memories of summers past and how we re-create them here in the present.  What’s Joe and Babe’s favorite ice cream flavors?  Why do rolling down windows feel like it’s time to go to the beach?

And, also a little bit about the history of our GLBT, LGBT, QADASDF acronyms here in the gay community.  And, which one should QTalk Arizona officially adopt?  The history of some of these acronyms and the lengths that some of them go to might just surprise you!

And, our new segment, A Bit O’ Babe — Babe’s picks for summer.  Movies, music and books!  Listen to the show to learn what they are! :)

As always, we want your feedback, comments and thoughts.  What’s YOUR favorite ice cream flavor??  E-mail us at or call and leave us a voicemail at (440) 847-8255.

Next week, The Joe and Babe Show goes LIVE!

Listen, chat and call-in to the show next week!  Our first show will be live at 6:30pm on Tuesday August 16th.  You’ll be able to call into the live show and chat with us!  Get there at and then click the link for the Joe and Babe Show.