TechnoBabble #4: A Balanced Approach

TechnoBabbleAfter being a bit Apple-centered for the past few shows, we decided to give you a more even mix of tech stories, chat and reviews.  This week, we’re covering stories like the Times Square Photoshop Image (largest in world), new fuel-efficient vehicle carrying ship, the new Americans Elect website, Windows Phone 7 Mango Series 7 extra fruity edition, AppleTV update, Brad’s review of OSX Lion, massive solar tower destined for AZ, and more!


Full show notes:


Fantastically FASTLargest photoshop image ever created — 4 years in the making.  Bert Monroy — SF


Ship to carry 2,000 cars, cut CO2 emissions by 40%

YouTube film ‘Life in a Day’ coming to theaters

How smart grid fought off U.S. heat wave

Internet start-up to actually have America directly nominate a Presidential candidate

Microsoft delivers near-final Mango to app makers

Google+ traffic dropping already?

Overall fuel standards raised to 54MPG

AppleTV update adds Vimeo, buying of tv shows and streaming of them.

New maps invention is extremely useful and most useful in a long time

Fresh Local Tech

Southern Arizona to benefit from $892M contract awarded to General Dynamics

Massive solar tower in Arizona to be world’s 2nd largest building

Research seeks better ways to store energy (Tucson / UofA)

ECOtality Brings Blink Commercial Charging Stations to Arizona

Space, The Final Frontier

Race to moon heats up for private firms

Photos: Tweets in space! Astronaut shares photos from space station

Flowing water found on mars?  Yet we don’t have good photos?  WTF??

Science News

Mass extinction caused by giant ‘earth burp’

NASA releases iPad app for science research

Hot Tech

CPR site lets you choose and touch chests, guilt-free

Rumors Abound!

Looks more certain that iPhone 5 will hit in late August or early September or late October?
Apple and AT&T seen prepping for iPhone 5

Major Discussion Points

Patent trolls, lawsuits, Lodsys, HTC, Samsung, Apple.  We’ve had enough already!


Joe: iPad 2, Nyan Cat: The Game
Brad: OSX Lion

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