Joe and Babe Show #40: Getting ‘N Touch

The Joe and Babe ShowBabe is back this week and we’re talking to someone who we know pretty well, but our listeners probably don’t.  Gina Read is the Publisher and Editor of ‘N Touch News Magazine.  She tells her story of how the magazine came to be, which was part of facing her own fears in life.  ‘N Touch has now grown up to be a major player in the GLBT publications in Arizona and we are happy to be partnered with them.  Gina calls ‘N Touch a very community-driven magazine and that they are always trying to find ways to help out our own community through the magazine and its reach.

We’re also talking about the latest news from around the Valley and around the country, including: DADT repeal being ‘certified’ (finally!), our local election for the next Mayor of Phoenix, Linda Elliott becoming the new 1n10 Executive Director, the upcoming pancake breakfast event at the new One Voice Community Center, Phoenix Pride donates $5k to This is H.O.W. and a whole lot more!


Babe’s Summer Jam: Jill Scott — So In Love (Light of the Sun)

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