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Joe and Babe Show #43: Sesame Street Says No

The Joe and Babe ShowAre you beating the heat?  We’re in our studio trying to cool off!  The news around town and around the country has been completely crazy this past week!

What would happen if Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street got hitched?  We share our opinions on the show.

Russell Pearce foe Randy Parraz supports gay marriage, hooray!

Did BART do the right or the wrong thing by shutting down cell service in some of their stations in San Francisco to prevent a protest from escalating into violence?

Gay teens in Minnesota sue their school district for anti-bullying policies.  Is it the Caleb Laieski Effect?

The Gayest Cities of America.  How does Arizona rank?

Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS will be moving into the old Channel 12 KPNX building.  Congratulations!

A Bit O’ Babe: Sounds of Blackness — Hold On (Change is Comin’)

All this, your comments, calls and a whole lot more!

TechnoBabble #5: Googorola, TouchPad Madness and Apple without Jobs

TechnoBabbleIt’s been a completely CRAZY couple weeks of technology news!  What’s next?  Aliens come down and give us the iPhone 45.3 and it turns out they have descended from some crazy marriage of Apple, Google and Nokia??

Here’s the links and some notes from this week’s show:


Fantastically FAST

Steve Jobs steps down as Apple CEO

Verizon 4G LTE now reaches more than half the U.S.

Weather layer added to Google Maps

Report: Cell phone use could reduce sperm count

AT&T to shake up its SMS plans

‘App Store’ among Windows 8 features

HP spins off PC business, scraps webOS, phones and tablets.

6 Reasons the guy who’s fixing your computer hates you

Device helps take guesswork out of buying an EV (driving patterns)

Microsoft wishes Linux a happy birthday!  (Linus Torvalds introduced Linux back in 1991)


Fresh Local Tech

Blythe solar project switches to PV from solar thermal


Space, The Final Frontier

Antimatter found in rings around Earth!,2817,2390638,00.asp


Science News

Prosthetic hand for high school student in Britain

kill your router, Internet will come from everywhere





Rumors Abound!

Developers get iOS 5 beta 5 for weekend fun (voice recognition improving?)


Major Discussion Points

Google Buys Motorola.  What’s next?  Apple buys AT&T?  Samsung? RIM? Nokia?

Hackers break into BART police union Web site

What is the right thing to do with these protests?  Kill the cell service temporarily?

Android users versus iPhone users

The end of webOS and TouchPad.  We barely knew you! (intro’d in July)

Joe’s story about nabbing a cheap TouchPad with sound byte



HP TouchPad



Backlight control app for OSX


A co-worker found the iNapkin 2 app and told me about it.  Looks pretty cool!  Drawing, text overlays, full color control — and the background looks like a napkin.  $1.99 Sweet!

KarCast #3: Silk Seats, For Real?

KarCastIn episode three of KarCast we talk about BMW, Lexus, and Infiniti’s new releases in addition to talking solar for your Ford and GM EVs.  Mercedes puts in silk, and Hyundai is bringing the hurt and completing their line up.  EV charging stations start popping up in the Valley.  All that and more on KarCast.

Queers! #2: Cheese is the Wine of Food

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!On this edition of Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous…

Wine Focus:

Nathan introduces us to three great summer wines that can be had for $10.  (Get ‘em at Total Wine)

Libbie talks about the upcoming Grape Stomp and Festival at The Farm at South Mountain, that Arizona is now a bona-fide Wine Destination and that is is coming up on Harvest Season in Arizona Wine Country.

Food Focus:

Joe de-mystifies bacon and where it comes from, the bacon mania that has gripped the world, the question “is bacon better than sex?” and his favorite places to get your bacon fix!

Claudine discusses the newest trend in restaurants: iPads replacing menus!

Restaurant Reviews:

Joe talks about a little-known CenPho dive to get great food, awesome sandwiches and even a giant breakfast burrito: Cranberry Hills

Claudine shares her divine recent experience enjoying brunch at St. Francis.

Rumors / Gossip:

Anthony Bourdain vs Paula Deen! No, not celebrity deathmatch — but Anthony says Paula is the greatest threat to America!  Is she the Butter Terrorist??

Joe and Babe Show #42: LIVE and EQUAL

The Joe and Babe ShowOur very first LIVE broadcast on QTalk Arizona marks another first.  We’re totally thrilled to share the studio with our special guest, Nick Ray, Executive Director of Equality Arizona.  Arizona’s LGBT lobbying organization has seen some tough times over the past few years, but Nick believes that brighter days are most certainly ahead.

Nick Ray

Nick was the Executive Director of 1n10 for several years in the 2000s and had major accomplishments along with bringing the visibility of the LGBTQ youth organization to a very high level.  He has an incredible amount of energy and a “let’s get things done” attitude that should breathe much-needed new life into Equality Arizona.

Nick also talks about his personal journey from ‘across the pond’ to working in New York to eventually landing here in Phoenix.  Everywhere he’s been, he’s effected change, and we’re excited to have him at the helm of an organization working for our rights here in Arizona.

There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether it’s financially or just giving your time to volunteer.  It’s up to us to join together and make a difference in this State, through Equality Arizona.

We also chat about the Marriage Equality Walkers, who just finished their 99-mile journey through the State spreading their positive message of equality and meeting new people and opening hearts and minds.  We bring you two interviews from the walkers themselves.  And, Joe gives a shout-out to SWAY Events for putting on a great first-annual SWAY Swagger Awards  Our very own Nathan Treanor was nominated for ‘Social Media Celebrity’ !!


Equality Arizona Web Site | Facebook | Twitter

Joe and Babe Show #41: Summertime, and the living’s easy…

The Joe and Babe ShowOh yes, we stole our title from that famous song.  But it is truly all about summer on this week’s show!  What does summer mean to us?  Is it about going swimming?  Getting a tan?  Eating lots of ice cream to stay cool?  We talk about our favorite memories of summers past and how we re-create them here in the present.  What’s Joe and Babe’s favorite ice cream flavors?  Why do rolling down windows feel like it’s time to go to the beach?

And, also a little bit about the history of our GLBT, LGBT, QADASDF acronyms here in the gay community.  And, which one should QTalk Arizona officially adopt?  The history of some of these acronyms and the lengths that some of them go to might just surprise you!

And, our new segment, A Bit O’ Babe — Babe’s picks for summer.  Movies, music and books!  Listen to the show to learn what they are! :)

As always, we want your feedback, comments and thoughts.  What’s YOUR favorite ice cream flavor??  E-mail us at or call and leave us a voicemail at (440) 847-8255.

Next week, The Joe and Babe Show goes LIVE!

Listen, chat and call-in to the show next week!  Our first show will be live at 6:30pm on Tuesday August 16th.  You’ll be able to call into the live show and chat with us!  Get there at and then click the link for the Joe and Babe Show.

TechnoBabble #4: A Balanced Approach

TechnoBabbleAfter being a bit Apple-centered for the past few shows, we decided to give you a more even mix of tech stories, chat and reviews.  This week, we’re covering stories like the Times Square Photoshop Image (largest in world), new fuel-efficient vehicle carrying ship, the new Americans Elect website, Windows Phone 7 Mango Series 7 extra fruity edition, AppleTV update, Brad’s review of OSX Lion, massive solar tower destined for AZ, and more!


Full show notes:


Fantastically FASTLargest photoshop image ever created — 4 years in the making.  Bert Monroy — SF


Ship to carry 2,000 cars, cut CO2 emissions by 40%

YouTube film ‘Life in a Day’ coming to theaters

How smart grid fought off U.S. heat wave

Internet start-up to actually have America directly nominate a Presidential candidate

Microsoft delivers near-final Mango to app makers

Google+ traffic dropping already?

Overall fuel standards raised to 54MPG

AppleTV update adds Vimeo, buying of tv shows and streaming of them.

New maps invention is extremely useful and most useful in a long time

Fresh Local Tech

Southern Arizona to benefit from $892M contract awarded to General Dynamics

Massive solar tower in Arizona to be world’s 2nd largest building

Research seeks better ways to store energy (Tucson / UofA)

ECOtality Brings Blink Commercial Charging Stations to Arizona

Space, The Final Frontier

Race to moon heats up for private firms

Photos: Tweets in space! Astronaut shares photos from space station

Flowing water found on mars?  Yet we don’t have good photos?  WTF??

Science News

Mass extinction caused by giant ‘earth burp’

NASA releases iPad app for science research

Hot Tech

CPR site lets you choose and touch chests, guilt-free

Rumors Abound!

Looks more certain that iPhone 5 will hit in late August or early September or late October?
Apple and AT&T seen prepping for iPhone 5

Major Discussion Points

Patent trolls, lawsuits, Lodsys, HTC, Samsung, Apple.  We’ve had enough already!


Joe: iPad 2, Nyan Cat: The Game
Brad: OSX Lion

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Joe and Babe Show #40: Getting ‘N Touch

The Joe and Babe ShowBabe is back this week and we’re talking to someone who we know pretty well, but our listeners probably don’t.  Gina Read is the Publisher and Editor of ‘N Touch News Magazine.  She tells her story of how the magazine came to be, which was part of facing her own fears in life.  ‘N Touch has now grown up to be a major player in the GLBT publications in Arizona and we are happy to be partnered with them.  Gina calls ‘N Touch a very community-driven magazine and that they are always trying to find ways to help out our own community through the magazine and its reach.

We’re also talking about the latest news from around the Valley and around the country, including: DADT repeal being ‘certified’ (finally!), our local election for the next Mayor of Phoenix, Linda Elliott becoming the new 1n10 Executive Director, the upcoming pancake breakfast event at the new One Voice Community Center, Phoenix Pride donates $5k to This is H.O.W. and a whole lot more!


Babe’s Summer Jam: Jill Scott — So In Love (Light of the Sun)

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