Joe and Babe Show #39: Goodbye Old Studio!

The Joe and Babe ShowIt’s the very last show recorded from our old studio!  Next week, we’ll be in our new digs and we’ll be better than ever!  We’re posting a video version of this show this weekend, so check it out!

Babe is out and not feeling well, so please everyone wish her well and she’ll be back next week.  Joe is doing a solo show for the first time in quite a long time.  Some of the topics of this show and helpful links:

–Congratulations to our friends in NY who got married this past weekend, it’s great to see all the pictures and read the stories.  We hope we get our day very soon!

–We’re working on a mini-series called “Chats with the Candidates” where we give you an inside scoop with the candidates for Mayor of Phoenix.  We already had a great chat with Greg Stanton and we’re working hard to bring you the other candidates very soon.  The new mini-series debuts next week.
–The big national debt debate.  Are you worried?  Call your representatives and senators and tell them to stop acting like children and compromise.  It’s only through compromise that we can achieve great things.  Joe shares his views on this whole debt and budget thing. is a new organization that aims to select the next ‘3rd Party’ Presidential Candidate through an Internet-based direct-democratic nomination process.  Only the Internet could come up with a way to start to fix our current political issues.  Check out the site, get registered, and make a real impact in the next election!

–And other bits of news from around the State and country.

This episode’s sponsors: ‘N Touch News Magazine and Rainbows Festival