Joe and Babe Show #38: AIDS Walk Phoenix 2011

The Joe and Babe ShowAIDS Walk?  In Phoenix?  In July?  Seriously?

OK, so we’re a bit early on this, but we have a method to our madness here at The Joe and Babe Show.  We wanted to start talking about the AIDS Walk right now because it’s time to start fundraising!  Get your game on early and you can work to get one of those awards for raising the most money!  (We’re not sure if there is an award, but it will make you feel great, right?)

Kit Kloeckl, Executive Director of Aunt Rita’s Foundation — the organization who puts on the Walk — joins us to talk about everything surrounding AIDS Walk Phoenix 2011.  Also joining us is Dan Galloway, Executive Director for The Agape Network, one of the 19 HIV/AIDS service organizations who benefit from the funds that Aunt Rita’s Foundation raises throughout the year.

Listen in as we talk about how Aunt Rita’s Foundation got started many years ago and its relationship to the agencies that it benefits.  Dan from Agape Network explains the mission of his organization and how it provides food boxes to those who are HIV-positive.  Plus, there’s a lot that you can do to help these two wonderful organizations, through donations and your time — and we encourage you to get involved!

We also discuss a little about what’s going on in the HIV world today, such as the pre-exposure drug therapy that is being debated in many circles, it’s potential benefits and downsides.  Plus, we weigh in on how Obama’s doing with GLBT rights — we think his scorecard is improving.  We encourage you to weigh in on all these topics through our social media pages, by emailing us and/or leaving us a voicemail.  Just check out all the links at the top right of the page and interact with us!

Technical note: we’re still working through some sound-level issues as we do some of these shows remotely over Skype.  Babe’s audio improves shortly after the show begins.  Please let us know how our shows are sounding on our new equipment so we can keep improving the listening experience for you!

And, last but not least, links to Aunt Rita’s Foundation, The Agape Network and AIDS Walk Phoenix!

Don’t forget, you can donate to or join the QTalk Arizona AIDS Walk Team and help us out-raise all the other teams this year!