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Joe and Babe Show #39: Goodbye Old Studio!

The Joe and Babe ShowIt’s the very last show recorded from our old studio!  Next week, we’ll be in our new digs and we’ll be better than ever!  We’re posting a video version of this show this weekend, so check it out!

Babe is out and not feeling well, so please everyone wish her well and she’ll be back next week.  Joe is doing a solo show for the first time in quite a long time.  Some of the topics of this show and helpful links:

–Congratulations to our friends in NY who got married this past weekend, it’s great to see all the pictures and read the stories.  We hope we get our day very soon!

–We’re working on a mini-series called “Chats with the Candidates” where we give you an inside scoop with the candidates for Mayor of Phoenix.  We already had a great chat with Greg Stanton and we’re working hard to bring you the other candidates very soon.  The new mini-series debuts next week.
–The big national debt debate.  Are you worried?  Call your representatives and senators and tell them to stop acting like children and compromise.  It’s only through compromise that we can achieve great things.  Joe shares his views on this whole debt and budget thing. is a new organization that aims to select the next ‘3rd Party’ Presidential Candidate through an Internet-based direct-democratic nomination process.  Only the Internet could come up with a way to start to fix our current political issues.  Check out the site, get registered, and make a real impact in the next election!

–And other bits of news from around the State and country.

This episode’s sponsors: ‘N Touch News Magazine and Rainbows Festival

KarCast #2: Drive Slow, Get Fined.

KarCastIn this week’s Episode 2 of KarCast, the crew answer email questions regarding window tint, talk about muscle cars outselling hybrids, the new Prius Performance Pack, Chinese outrageous claims, BMW’s new 4pot 5, and don’t slow that car down or you’ll get a ticket!  All this and more on KarCast.

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous! #1: Arizona Wines

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!We’re introducing ourselves as friends who have come together to share our shared passions for food and wine with our listeners.  We’re trying to convey our interests and loves by just being casual about it, we’re not professional critics — just foodies!

Libbie starts us off, talking a bit about wines produced locally here in Arizona.  The three main growing areas are Sonoita, Wilcox and the Verde Valley.  Libbie and Claudine share about their recent trip to the northern Arizona wine country.  And speaking of Arizona wines, FnB Restaurant in Scottsdale only features Arizona wines.  FnB is an absolutely incredible culinary experience, if you haven’t made it over there yet, you’ve gotta go!

Nathan recalls his recent trip to the first ever Gay Wine Weekend in Sonoma, California.  We sum it up as “Drink with a Purpose”, as it benefitted both Face to Face – Somona County AIDS Network and the Sonoma Community Center.  It was a truly magical event that should become a wonderful tradition for years to come.

Claudine starts off our segment about de-mystifying foods.  And this time, it’s dairy — specifically, eggs!  Cage-free?  Do the chickens all hang out and have egg-laying parties?  What’s the difference between organic and non-organic?  You’ll be egg-ceptionally knowledgeable after this episode!

Joe gives his review of recent visit to the new Black Chile Mexican Grill at Biltmore Fashion Park.  Looks like it’s a chain, but evidently not.  What’s was his rating?  Listen and find out!


If you have a great wine or a wonderful restaurant that you’d love us to check out and talk about, just drop us an email!  Or even better, leave us a voicemail!  (440) 84-QTALK (78255)


Featured wine on this episode: Dos Cabezas ‘Pink’

Other helpful links mentioned on the show:

AZ Wine Grower’s Association

Bonne Lait in Cottonwood

Nathan’s Blog

Libbie’s Blog

Joe and Babe Show #38: AIDS Walk Phoenix 2011

The Joe and Babe ShowAIDS Walk?  In Phoenix?  In July?  Seriously?

OK, so we’re a bit early on this, but we have a method to our madness here at The Joe and Babe Show.  We wanted to start talking about the AIDS Walk right now because it’s time to start fundraising!  Get your game on early and you can work to get one of those awards for raising the most money!  (We’re not sure if there is an award, but it will make you feel great, right?)

Kit Kloeckl, Executive Director of Aunt Rita’s Foundation — the organization who puts on the Walk — joins us to talk about everything surrounding AIDS Walk Phoenix 2011.  Also joining us is Dan Galloway, Executive Director for The Agape Network, one of the 19 HIV/AIDS service organizations who benefit from the funds that Aunt Rita’s Foundation raises throughout the year.

Listen in as we talk about how Aunt Rita’s Foundation got started many years ago and its relationship to the agencies that it benefits.  Dan from Agape Network explains the mission of his organization and how it provides food boxes to those who are HIV-positive.  Plus, there’s a lot that you can do to help these two wonderful organizations, through donations and your time — and we encourage you to get involved!

We also discuss a little about what’s going on in the HIV world today, such as the pre-exposure drug therapy that is being debated in many circles, it’s potential benefits and downsides.  Plus, we weigh in on how Obama’s doing with GLBT rights — we think his scorecard is improving.  We encourage you to weigh in on all these topics through our social media pages, by emailing us and/or leaving us a voicemail.  Just check out all the links at the top right of the page and interact with us!

Technical note: we’re still working through some sound-level issues as we do some of these shows remotely over Skype.  Babe’s audio improves shortly after the show begins.  Please let us know how our shows are sounding on our new equipment so we can keep improving the listening experience for you!

And, last but not least, links to Aunt Rita’s Foundation, The Agape Network and AIDS Walk Phoenix!

Don’t forget, you can donate to or join the QTalk Arizona AIDS Walk Team and help us out-raise all the other teams this year!

TechnoBabble #3: Netflix Gone Nuts!

TechnoBabble #3On this episode of TechnoBabble…   Netflix is raising prices, the Shuttle Program is ending, Google+ is growing like wildfire…what will be next?

Some of our major discussion points this time are: Spotify coming to the US and how we will use it, our Space Program after the shuttles are done, the latest tech rumors and the gradual end of unlimited mobile data and its effects.

SportsCast #1: Ben Cohen Tour

SportsCastOn this first episode of SportsCast, Josh and Alfonzo talk with Patrick Davis from Ben Cohen USA.  Ben Cohen, international rugby star and global sex symbol, is here in the U.S. on his Acceptance Tour.  He’s promoting Equality and also his StandUp Foundation, which works against bullying in schools.  Patrick also mentions a few other details about Ben that catch Josh and Alfonzo off-guard and are totally surprising.  What are those details?  Listen and find out!

SportsCast is produced through a partnership between Compete Radio and QTalk Arizona and features excerpts and interviews from Compete Radio’s weekly programs — the only gay sports radio show in the country.

Joe and Babe Show Special: Caleb Laieski takes on Washington!

The Joe and Babe ShowCaleb Laieski has made headlines locally and nationally by working to pass anti-bullying legislation.  Caleb tells his story of the ‘spark’ that got him started on his journey that would change his life.  He started ‘pushing back’ when he was thirteen (he’s now sixteen), starting to report bullying and harassment to the administration at his school, but they and the district were not interested in helping him.  After that, he sued with the district with the help of the ACLU.  Even though the case was eventually dropped, sexual orientation became protected under the district’s policies.

This year, Caleb was one of the Grand Marshals in the Phoenix Pride Parade and has definitely become a known figure in our local community, as well as nationally.  He was invited by the White House to attend the nation’s first-ever Anti-Bullying Conference and made his first trip to Washington to attend the Conference earlier this year.  He has been back to Washington several times since, meeting with members of Congress, talking to President Obama at the Reception Observing LGBT Pride Month and learning about our country’s political system.

U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden and Caleb Laieski

Listen as Caleb talks about how his life has changed and what other LGBT youth can do to make a difference in their own lives, schools and communities — just like Caleb has done.  We hope that many LGBT youth will be listening to this show as it’s important to get Caleb’s message out to as many people as possible.

For youth needing help coming out and dealing with being LGBT, you can seek out the help of the 1n10 youth program here in the Valley, PFLAG is also a great organization, and,, if you are having suicidal thoughts, contact The Trevor Project.


Also, one last thing, we are supporting AIDS Walk Phoenix once again and we want our listeners to join our team!  We’re challenging our listeners to help us out-fundraise all the other teams this year!  Join our team and get more information at this link.