TechnoBabble #2: Attack of the Hackers!

TechnoBabble #2Brad and I discuss all of the attacks by Lulzsec and Anonymous and bring up the notion of are we truly scared to have our data in ‘The Cloud’?  It’s a bit freaky honestly, but remember kids…use a strong password!!!

Other big topics on the show are Apple’s WWDC product announcements, Joe’s ‘Perfect Cloud World’ and Nintendo’s Wii U.


Other news stories in this episode:

Apple fan boys are like religious zealots

Facebook party goes out of control

New ‘group music listening service’

Chinese boy trades kidney for iPad 2

Toyota to produce nav system to prevent driving ‘wrong-way’ on roads

Facebook turns on ‘facial-recognition’ photo-tag-suggestion service

Apple introduces new ‘space ship’ corporate campus design

Google expands EV charging network

Tucson gets a solar power plant

New revolutionary ‘light-based’ Lytro camera allows you shoot now, focus later and more!


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