Joe and Babe Show #34: Nerds Rule!

The Joe and Babe ShowThis week, Joe talks to Ally Shore, a.k.a. ‘The Nerdchick’ from YouTube.  She ‘came out’ a year ago as an official ‘nerd’ we ran into her online during Phoenix Comicon.  We talk about how her ‘night job’ (YouTube) is just a sliver of what her ‘day job’ is — which, of course, is event production, media work and marketing — that’s how she got her mad video skills!  She says that her videos only have ’10s’ of viewers, but we think it’s probably way more than that!  We talk about being nerdy in general and how it is now pretty pervasive among society.  And, does being a nerd trump being gay?  Listen for that answer and a whole lot more!

Rainbow Nerds!Ally admits that she’s made some pretty silly and ridiculous videos, but we think this rainbow cat video is probably the most ridiculous thing on YouTube!

Check out Ally’s YouTube channel and also browse thru the website for her production company — A. Shore Thing.  Need to plan a large event?  Call her up!