Joe and Babe Show #32: Get Your Flagstaff Pride On!

The Joe and Babe ShowIt’s almost time for the wonderful Pride in the Pines!  Flagstaff Pride invites you up to Arizona’s “Mile High City” for their fabulous Pride Festival — in fact, it’s Arizona’s only Pride Festival during the International Pride Month of June!  As many of you know, it’s a great way to ‘beat the heat’ and escape to a much cooler, greener setting.

This is Flagstaff Pride’s 15th festival and we are talking with Kathryn Jim, President of Flagstaff Pride.  We’re talking a bit about the logistics of putting on the festival, how it has grown since the first one was held in 1996 and the fantastic line-up of entertainment this year — including Taylor Dane and comedian Suzanne Westenhoefoer.

We also chat about what’s new for the festival this year, plus the impact that the Pride festival has on Flagstaff itself.  Many new local sponsors and vendors have joined the Festival this year and Flagstaff Pride is glad to see how the community and its allies are coming out to support Pride in Flagstaff.

Get your discount Flagstaff Pride tickets at their website or at a local retailer, and we’ll see you at Wheeler Park on Saturday, June 18th!  Come say hello to QTalk Arizona hosts at the ‘N Touch Magazine booth.

This week is also the debut of our brand-new, state-of-the art podcasting equipment.  We’ve ‘kicked things up a notch’ to bring you really superior-sounding shows and content on the QTalk Arizona Podcast Network.  We’re still tweaking settings and our studio setup, so bear with us as we get everything dialed in in the next week or two.

Also on this show, we announce the winner of our “Leave A Voicemail, Win A Prize” contest — you’ve gotta listen to the show to see if you won!  Plus, we recap Phoenix Comicon and bring you a couple of interviews from the show floor.

All this and a lot more lively talk with Joe and Babe!