Joe and Babe Show #31: Two Spirits

The Joe and Babe ShowFred Martinez explained to his family that he didn’t want to have to choose between being a boy or a girl–that he wanted to be both. Fred self-identified as a gay male and commonly used the name Fred, as well as “F.C.” He also expressed a wonderfully feminine aspect of his truest self in the way he dressed and presented himself, and sometimes wanted to be called Beyoncé, in honor of his favorite singer.

Listen as Joe and Seth talk to filmmaker Lydia Nibley who produced the moving film, “Two Spirits”, that details the life and the murder of Fred Martinez.  Fred was known as a ‘nádleehí’ — a spiritual, sexual, and gender identity that is celebrated in traditional Navajo culture.

“Two Spirits” has won numerous awards at various film festivals around the world.  The film can be seen nationally on Tuesday, June 14th (check local listings for airtime) and will also be shown in Downtown Phoenix at Civic Space Park at 5:30pm on Saturday, June 11th.

For more information on the film, to watch the trailer and to order your own copy on DVD, visit the Two Spirits website.  Be sure to also follow the film on Facebook and Twitter.