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Joe and Babe Show #35: Reflecting on Pride Month

The Joe and Babe ShowThis week, we are reflecting on Pride — in general.  Have we strayed too far from the origins of Gay Pride?  Should we be educating ourselves along with the massive festivals and parties that represent International Pride Month?  This idea was brought up by ‘N Touch News Magazine and we’re adding our voices to it.  We want your feedback, chime in and we’ll talk about it on the next show — you know how to get a hold of us! :)

Plus, we’re introducing our segments on Community Strong: Keeping the Rainbow Alive.  This is a new PR campaign created by 1n10 and Phoenix Pride to highlight the various organizations in our community that do great works throughout the year, but sometimes are forgotten by the community at large.  This week, we’re highlighting Phoenix Pride and 1n10, two of the eight organizations featured in this first round of Community Strong information campaigns.

Be safe out there this Independence Day Weekend, leave us a voicemail with your thoughts on the show and we’ll talk to you next time!

–Joe and Babe :)

KarCast #1: The Beginning…

KarCast with Jake Barros and Dave CatheyWelcome to KarCast where your hosts talk everything automotive, In this very first episode Jacob, Dave, and Joe talk about new liquid fuel for ev cars, the new Mercedes BLS,  quick charging rescue trucks and the Prius on track to becoming the number one selling model.  All that and more on KarCast.

TechnoBabble #2: Attack of the Hackers!

TechnoBabble #2Brad and I discuss all of the attacks by Lulzsec and Anonymous and bring up the notion of are we truly scared to have our data in ‘The Cloud’?  It’s a bit freaky honestly, but remember kids…use a strong password!!!

Other big topics on the show are Apple’s WWDC product announcements, Joe’s ‘Perfect Cloud World’ and Nintendo’s Wii U.


Other news stories in this episode:

Apple fan boys are like religious zealots

Facebook party goes out of control

New ‘group music listening service’

Chinese boy trades kidney for iPad 2

Toyota to produce nav system to prevent driving ‘wrong-way’ on roads

Facebook turns on ‘facial-recognition’ photo-tag-suggestion service

Apple introduces new ‘space ship’ corporate campus design

Google expands EV charging network

Tucson gets a solar power plant

New revolutionary ‘light-based’ Lytro camera allows you shoot now, focus later and more!


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Joe and Babe Show #34: Nerds Rule!

The Joe and Babe ShowThis week, Joe talks to Ally Shore, a.k.a. ‘The Nerdchick’ from YouTube.  She ‘came out’ a year ago as an official ‘nerd’ we ran into her online during Phoenix Comicon.  We talk about how her ‘night job’ (YouTube) is just a sliver of what her ‘day job’ is — which, of course, is event production, media work and marketing — that’s how she got her mad video skills!  She says that her videos only have ’10s’ of viewers, but we think it’s probably way more than that!  We talk about being nerdy in general and how it is now pretty pervasive among society.  And, does being a nerd trump being gay?  Listen for that answer and a whole lot more!

Rainbow Nerds!Ally admits that she’s made some pretty silly and ridiculous videos, but we think this rainbow cat video is probably the most ridiculous thing on YouTube!

Check out Ally’s YouTube channel and also browse thru the website for her production company — A. Shore Thing.  Need to plan a large event?  Call her up!

Joe and Babe Show #33: Retro Spectacular!

The Joe and Babe ShowThis week Joe talks to Marshall Shore, our local de-facto Information Curator and creator of the Marshall Shore: Retro Spectacular event series.  We’re talking all about Phoenix History and how we can preserve it for future generations.  Marshall chats about his love for Arizona history and how it became his passion in life.  We could attempt to list all the topics and tangents that we venture into on the show, but we think you just listen and save our fingers from typing it all out!


Marshall Shore

You can check out Marshall’s own web site at and also check his official site for Retro Spectacular!

Info on ‘The Grid Show’ 2011 at The Trunk Space — starts June 17 thru August 5

Joe and Babe Show #32: Get Your Flagstaff Pride On!

The Joe and Babe ShowIt’s almost time for the wonderful Pride in the Pines!  Flagstaff Pride invites you up to Arizona’s “Mile High City” for their fabulous Pride Festival — in fact, it’s Arizona’s only Pride Festival during the International Pride Month of June!  As many of you know, it’s a great way to ‘beat the heat’ and escape to a much cooler, greener setting.

This is Flagstaff Pride’s 15th festival and we are talking with Kathryn Jim, President of Flagstaff Pride.  We’re talking a bit about the logistics of putting on the festival, how it has grown since the first one was held in 1996 and the fantastic line-up of entertainment this year — including Taylor Dane and comedian Suzanne Westenhoefoer.

We also chat about what’s new for the festival this year, plus the impact that the Pride festival has on Flagstaff itself.  Many new local sponsors and vendors have joined the Festival this year and Flagstaff Pride is glad to see how the community and its allies are coming out to support Pride in Flagstaff.

Get your discount Flagstaff Pride tickets at their website or at a local retailer, and we’ll see you at Wheeler Park on Saturday, June 18th!  Come say hello to QTalk Arizona hosts at the ‘N Touch Magazine booth.

This week is also the debut of our brand-new, state-of-the art podcasting equipment.  We’ve ‘kicked things up a notch’ to bring you really superior-sounding shows and content on the QTalk Arizona Podcast Network.  We’re still tweaking settings and our studio setup, so bear with us as we get everything dialed in in the next week or two.

Also on this show, we announce the winner of our “Leave A Voicemail, Win A Prize” contest — you’ve gotta listen to the show to see if you won!  Plus, we recap Phoenix Comicon and bring you a couple of interviews from the show floor.

All this and a lot more lively talk with Joe and Babe!

Joe and Babe Show #31: Two Spirits

The Joe and Babe ShowFred Martinez explained to his family that he didn’t want to have to choose between being a boy or a girl–that he wanted to be both. Fred self-identified as a gay male and commonly used the name Fred, as well as “F.C.” He also expressed a wonderfully feminine aspect of his truest self in the way he dressed and presented himself, and sometimes wanted to be called Beyoncé, in honor of his favorite singer.

Listen as Joe and Seth talk to filmmaker Lydia Nibley who produced the moving film, “Two Spirits”, that details the life and the murder of Fred Martinez.  Fred was known as a ‘nádleehí’ — a spiritual, sexual, and gender identity that is celebrated in traditional Navajo culture.

“Two Spirits” has won numerous awards at various film festivals around the world.  The film can be seen nationally on Tuesday, June 14th (check local listings for airtime) and will also be shown in Downtown Phoenix at Civic Space Park at 5:30pm on Saturday, June 11th.

For more information on the film, to watch the trailer and to order your own copy on DVD, visit the Two Spirits website.  Be sure to also follow the film on Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 13: Out in the Vineyard | 2011 Gay Wine Weekend

In conjunction with, a newly created wine blog, I continue my series and in episode 13, you hear my interview with the organizers of the very first Gay Wine Weekend, in Sonoma, California. Mark Vogler andGary Saperstein are the founders of Out in the Vineyard and have put together a line-up of events, special guests and host wineries, that cannot be missed.

Gay Wine Weekend kicks off Friday, June 17th, with a VIP Reception at the host hotel, MacAurther Place and is open to all VIP All-Access ticket holders. Following the reception, Gay Comedy Night will be held at the Sonoma Community Center. All proceeds benefit the Sonoma Community Center.
The events continue on Saturday, with the premier event of the weekend – The Twilight T-Dance. A benefit for Face to Face, Sonoma County AIDS Network – this event will feature over a dozen participating wineries, under the stars and Out in the Vineyard at Atwood Ranch.
The weekend wraps up on Sunday morning with the Big Gay Brunch and Wine Auction. This event is also for VIP All-Access ticketholders and will also benefit Face to Face, Sonoma County AIDS Network.
For more details on Out’s in the Vineyard’s very first Gay Wine Weekend, visit and don’t forget to follow my new blog
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