What If All Of Our Enemies Disappeared?

What If All Of Our Enemies Disappeared?It’s an intriguing question, isn’t it?  What if everyone that you disliked just vanished?

This week we’re talking to Eric Radwanski, Holistic Wellness and Consciousness Practitioner.  Eric tries to help people understand themselves a bit better, whether it’s through life coaching, hypnotherapy or something else in his repertoire.

We’re talking about the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden and how it is providing some healing to the victims’ families of 9/11 and other attacks that Al Qaeda had launched under Bin Laden’s command.  Does it really help them, and the rest of us, move forward?  Is it right to be happy when someone dies?  We try to answer those questions.

And what about our own community?  What if all the right-wing conservatives just were wiped off the map?  Would we really truly move forward?  How would it work?  Would we unite as a community or would there still be some infighting going on?

It’s a truly intriguing show that will definitely make you think.  And we encourage you to get in touch with Eric if you might be in need a of a little life-coaching or help in steering your ‘personal vehicle’ on this road of life.

Eric can be reached through his web site at www.triadbeing.info