TechnoBabble 001: Jello Pudding will be the next Android Flavor!

TechnoBabble 001And our third show on QTalk Arizona launches!  TechnoBabble is all about technology — news, reviews, tips, the latest gadgets, rumors and a whole hell of a lot more!  Joe Dugandzic and Bradly McComb are the techno-geek hosts and are totally excited to be doing this new show.  Monthly for now, we’ll probably go more often as time goes on and the tech world continues to heat up.

This time, we’re talking about just a few topics….haha

Talking about how we found out about Bin Laden being killed vs how we found out about 9/11.

They found porn in Bin Laden’s house!

Skype bought for $8.5 billion by The Borg — err, Microsoft

We try to guess the next dessert flavor of Android.

Just WHAT is Apple going to announce in June?  A new device category?  iCloud?  iCoolWhip?  iPhone 4.5 ?

Everybody else launches a cloud service and a music player, but where are these services really usable and how to integrate them fully into your existing digital life.

Will Kindle and other e-reader apps stay in the iOS App Store past June 30th when the new rules for in-app transactions take effect?

Why can’t there be a gay version of GoDaddy with hot guys instead of girls on the homepage?

Google working to legalize self-driving cars in Nevada

Even with camera phones, Skype and FaceTime, why hasn’t video-calling really taken off?

Phoenix Comicon is coming up, and we’ll be there covering it!  Are you going?  It’s the ultimate pop-culture and sci-fi and etc etc convention of the Southwest!  Memorial Day Weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Joe talks about his own iPhone 4 – Bluetooth Antennagate issue.

Brad talks about seeing a Chevy Volt ‘out in the wild’ and Joe talks about his ‘extreme desire’ for wanting a Nissan LEAF.

Arizona Solar-related stories

(APS has record year)

(First Solar AZ news)


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