New Life for One Voice Community Center

New Life for One Voice Community Center -- Jimmy GruenderJimmy ‘Equality’ Gruender came to the Valley in the early 2000s, but you’d think he’d been here for decades with how involved he is in our community.  Jimmy is definitely the ‘out, loud and proud’ person who always seems to be at the forefront of political activism here in Phoenix.  Listen as Babe and Joe talk to Jimmy about his life, being raised in the South, coming out to family, his trek out to Phoenix and his evolvement into the activist and community leader that he is today.  Jimmy’s been involved Phoenix Pride, H.E.R.O and now the One Voice Community Center.

One Voice Community Center celebrates 2 years of being in its current location and is currently in some financial hot water.  Jimmy joined the Board of Directors recently and is adding his energy and zeal to the 1VCC to get fundraising started and to help in stabilizing the conditions of the 1VCC.  But it’s not just all about him, he says that it is up to the community to get involved in the Center and that is the only way we will truly keep our Community Center long-term.  The Center is also working to earn the trust of the Community again after various issues from the past have tarnished its reputation.  Jimmy encourages everyone to get involved in some way, whether its making a donation, donating your time, spreading the word or what-not.  The Community Center is ‘by the community’ and ‘for the community’.

This is Babe’s first show as co-host, and it’s fitting as we have re-launched as she (along with Micheal Weakley) was our first guest on the show last year!  Babe (along with the rest of us) is super-excited to be on board and looks forward to the great future of QTalk Arizona.

Check out the website for 1VCC and get involved!  If you wish to reach Jimmy directly, shoot him an email.