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Joe and Babe Show Special: The George Takei Interview

The Joe and Babe Show

Joe had the great opportunity and honor to interview actor George Takei, best known for his role in Star Trek as Hikaru Sulu. George is openly gay and a very vocal advocate for our community. He’s appearing at Phoenix Comicon this weekend, and has become even more well-known recently for his new advocacy campaign “It’s OK to be Takei”. Listen to the interview as George discusses some of his own coming out story, the latest production he’s working on (Supah Ninjas), his advocacy work, and more.

A big thank you to George Takei for taking the time to do the interview after a very long day of shooting in Hollywood. (Not all planned questions were included as the interview was shortened due to George’s schedule.)

Joe and Babe Show #30: Remember, it’s a dry heat!

The Joe and Babe ShowIt’s just Babe and I this week, and it’s just a little bit about everything!

Weather for Memorial Day Weekend looks good, not quite boiling yet.

New shows on the QTalk Arizona Network coming up: Cars and Sports!

Speaking of getting out of the heat: are you going to Flagstaff Pride?  Taylor Dane is headlining!

Focus on Phoenix Comicon this weekend, are you going??  It’s the signature sci-fi, comic-world and pop-culture event of the Southwest and it’s in the North Building of the Phoenix Convention Center from now thru Sunday.  We’re covering it, if you see us there, come up and say hello!  We’ve locked down an interview with the wonderful and out actor of both Broadway and film fame, George Takei — most famous for playing Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek.  The interview will be up sometime next week depending on scheduling.  Babe and I chat about his recent PSA “It’s OK to be Takei“, which was in response to the recent anti-gay-in-schools decision in Tennessee.

Some events coming up: QSpeak Theatre presents “At The End Of The Day” — the true stories of LGBTQ and homeless youth in Phoenix at the Greasepaint Youth Theatre in Scottsdale on June 3rd.  More details here.

Babe also tells us about a wonderful event going on in Chicago, which is a favorite destination for us here in the community.  The Chicago History Museum is highlighting Chicago’s Gay History, now thru Spring 2012.  More details here.

And we just continue to chat about a number of topics: Joe reveals he just learned how to rollerskate, Babe loves baking and bbq, what are Babe’s thoughts on the whole recent Bin Laden thing, the Phoenix PSF Monthly Community Dinner and our new sponsors such as Compete Magazine and Phoenix Pride.  Pride Gala is coming up, are you going?


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What If All Of Our Enemies Disappeared?

What If All Of Our Enemies Disappeared?It’s an intriguing question, isn’t it?  What if everyone that you disliked just vanished?

This week we’re talking to Eric Radwanski, Holistic Wellness and Consciousness Practitioner.  Eric tries to help people understand themselves a bit better, whether it’s through life coaching, hypnotherapy or something else in his repertoire.

We’re talking about the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden and how it is providing some healing to the victims’ families of 9/11 and other attacks that Al Qaeda had launched under Bin Laden’s command.  Does it really help them, and the rest of us, move forward?  Is it right to be happy when someone dies?  We try to answer those questions.

And what about our own community?  What if all the right-wing conservatives just were wiped off the map?  Would we really truly move forward?  How would it work?  Would we unite as a community or would there still be some infighting going on?

It’s a truly intriguing show that will definitely make you think.  And we encourage you to get in touch with Eric if you might be in need a of a little life-coaching or help in steering your ‘personal vehicle’ on this road of life.

Eric can be reached through his web site at

TechnoBabble 001: Jello Pudding will be the next Android Flavor!

TechnoBabble 001And our third show on QTalk Arizona launches!  TechnoBabble is all about technology — news, reviews, tips, the latest gadgets, rumors and a whole hell of a lot more!  Joe Dugandzic and Bradly McComb are the techno-geek hosts and are totally excited to be doing this new show.  Monthly for now, we’ll probably go more often as time goes on and the tech world continues to heat up.

This time, we’re talking about just a few topics….haha

Talking about how we found out about Bin Laden being killed vs how we found out about 9/11.

They found porn in Bin Laden’s house!

Skype bought for $8.5 billion by The Borg — err, Microsoft

We try to guess the next dessert flavor of Android.

Just WHAT is Apple going to announce in June?  A new device category?  iCloud?  iCoolWhip?  iPhone 4.5 ?

Everybody else launches a cloud service and a music player, but where are these services really usable and how to integrate them fully into your existing digital life.

Will Kindle and other e-reader apps stay in the iOS App Store past June 30th when the new rules for in-app transactions take effect?

Why can’t there be a gay version of GoDaddy with hot guys instead of girls on the homepage?

Google working to legalize self-driving cars in Nevada

Even with camera phones, Skype and FaceTime, why hasn’t video-calling really taken off?

Phoenix Comicon is coming up, and we’ll be there covering it!  Are you going?  It’s the ultimate pop-culture and sci-fi and etc etc convention of the Southwest!  Memorial Day Weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Joe talks about his own iPhone 4 – Bluetooth Antennagate issue.

Brad talks about seeing a Chevy Volt ‘out in the wild’ and Joe talks about his ‘extreme desire’ for wanting a Nissan LEAF.

Arizona Solar-related stories

(APS has record year)

(First Solar AZ news)


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New Life for One Voice Community Center

New Life for One Voice Community Center -- Jimmy GruenderJimmy ‘Equality’ Gruender came to the Valley in the early 2000s, but you’d think he’d been here for decades with how involved he is in our community.  Jimmy is definitely the ‘out, loud and proud’ person who always seems to be at the forefront of political activism here in Phoenix.  Listen as Babe and Joe talk to Jimmy about his life, being raised in the South, coming out to family, his trek out to Phoenix and his evolvement into the activist and community leader that he is today.  Jimmy’s been involved Phoenix Pride, H.E.R.O and now the One Voice Community Center.

One Voice Community Center celebrates 2 years of being in its current location and is currently in some financial hot water.  Jimmy joined the Board of Directors recently and is adding his energy and zeal to the 1VCC to get fundraising started and to help in stabilizing the conditions of the 1VCC.  But it’s not just all about him, he says that it is up to the community to get involved in the Center and that is the only way we will truly keep our Community Center long-term.  The Center is also working to earn the trust of the Community again after various issues from the past have tarnished its reputation.  Jimmy encourages everyone to get involved in some way, whether its making a donation, donating your time, spreading the word or what-not.  The Community Center is ‘by the community’ and ‘for the community’.

This is Babe’s first show as co-host, and it’s fitting as we have re-launched as she (along with Micheal Weakley) was our first guest on the show last year!  Babe (along with the rest of us) is super-excited to be on board and looks forward to the great future of QTalk Arizona.

Check out the website for 1VCC and get involved!  If you wish to reach Jimmy directly, shoot him an email.