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The GLBT Community’s Newest Ally: A Straight BYU Student

The GLBT Community's Newest AllyBrad Carmack is a straight student at BYU in Utah, and recently wrote a book entitled “Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student’s Perspective.”  He lived his life as church doctrine would normally have it, but in choosing to write this book and doing the extensive research behind it, his opinions have definitely changed.

Listen as I and Seth Anderson talk with Brad and learn more about the book and what it has meant to him.  In writing the book, Brad has already put his education in jeopardy because the book disputes Mormon teachings.  We think he’s a great guy for writing this and has definitely become an ally for the GLBT community.

Brad Carmack

You can preview the book at Brad’s blog: and can purchase the book by contacting Brad at

But, what does BYU have to do with Arizona?  Well, Seth used to be Mormon, lives in AZ and helped to get this interview setup…so there you go! :)

QTalk Arizona is back, just a bit late to ring in the new year that is 2011.  Sometimes it’s good to take some time off to get a fresh perspective, and with a lot of forces at work in Joe’s personal life, it was quite needed.  Thank you to all of our fans who have supported us through our long winter break!

Our next show will come out by mid-March or sooner and we will have exciting announcements about our new format.  We’ll have our weekly event updates, but they will be published as separate shows.  Stay tuned for it all as we make QTalk even better for GLBT Arizona.

Joe Dugandzic and Seth Anderson

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