Where Are We Headed?

Where Are We Headed?It’s a good question, is it not?  Where is our community going?  What is our future?  With all the recent bad news about DADT being further delayed, the unknown outcome of the Prop 8 Hearing and other issues important to us still on the ‘backburner’…it is hard to keep thinking positively.  But it is what we must do.  We must also work to ensure that, one by one, we remove people from power who no longer deserve to be in office.  And this is reaching out to people and convincing them of our ideas.  We didn’t do a very good job in this election cycle because there were so many other issues crowding us out.  Also, money has seemingly taken over the elections and that is wrong.  But at the end of the day, the votes count and we must continue to ensure that they do.  The only way is to get the word out.  And that needs to start now, way before the next election.

Also, if we can, we need to get those are in office and behaving badly, out of office as soon as possible.  If impeachment is an option, we need to do that.  If relocating these bad politicians to a tiny jail cell for the rest of their lives is an option, then let’s go that route.  The sooner, the better.  People who stay in power just want more of it.  McCain is an example of this and needs to be removed from office before the next election.

On to happier news.  My other big note on this episode is that I got to ‘test drive the future’ this past weekend.  I’m talking about the all-electric Nissan LEAF.  A truly awesome car in its own right, but of course, it’s an electric vehicle and that makes it way cooler.  The Nissan LEAF and the gas-powered-sort-of-hybrid-sort-of-electric-car Chevy Volt both go on sale this month.  The LEAF is a better bargain and does more for the environment, but wont’ get you to LA on a single charge.  If you drive between 40 and 80 miles a day on average or less, it’s the electric car for you.  After tax rebates, it’s only $25k and that is a bargain.  I detail much more about this on the show and I won’t write it all here.  But please check out the site for the LEAF and get informed about it, then go put yourself on the waiting list so you can buy one.  Am I biased about this?  Yep!  ;-)  Nissan LEAF Web Site.

And of course, don’t forget our weekly “What the Hell is Going On in Phoenix?” segment with J. Seth Anderson!