Working Toward Equal Rights For All

Working Toward Equal Rights For AllAnnie Loyd is a fierce advocate and one of our great community leaders.  But what is her story?  You’ve probably seen her at various events and rallies with her megaphone and wondered, “just who is this strong-voiced gal?”  She’s been working to help people from all different backgrounds in many different situations for nearly her entire life.  She’s an Artist, a Visionary and a Speaker — at least that’s what her site says — and she is definitely all of those things and more.

Listen as she tells her story of how she’s become the community leader that she is today and what brought her to Phoenix.  We chat a little bit about the election results and where we go from here, but that could be a whole other show in itself.

Seth Anderson’s “What The Hell Is Going On In Phoenix” segment — same great content, new name — has got some fabulous events and stuff to do around town as always.  Of course, we’re leading up to Thanksgiving.  What are your traditions?  What are you going to do?  Comment on the show right here or use Facebook or Twitter to get a hold of us and let us know what you’re doing!

There will be no show next week as your fabulous host and his boyfriend will be heading out of town for the long weekend, but Seth will post an events update to the website and Facebook to keep you ‘in the know’ for Thanksgiving Weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving, have fun and be safe from all of us here at QTalk Arizona!