Ready. Set. VOTE! (+ Happy Halloween!)

Ready. Set. VOTE!Isn’t it funny how elections and Halloween somehow get stuck right together?  It seems to happen that way every two years, what a concept!

On this week’s show, we bring you all the election news that’s fit for your ears.  But, we’re not just bringing you the blah blah boring news or which candidate is ahead of the other one.  We give you the story behind the people that are talking to you, plus, we dig into the overall issues facing our state, country, and world for that matter.  It’s a totally fun and engaging interview this week with Katy June and Justin Unga, the Deputy Finance Director and Political Director (respectively) for the Arizona Democratic Party!

Aside from all the election talk, like just what does a political director do, anyways?  We’ve got our Spooktacular Guide to your 2010 Halloween Weekend!  J. Seth Anderson brings you all the haunts, events and stuff to do all around town.  So make it a great weekend and go out and have a blast! (Just don’t forget to sober up and vote on Tuesday!)

If you’re looking for something to do on election night and want to cheer on our candidates, check out the Election Night Party going on at the Wyndham Hotel in Downtown Phoenix at 6pm on Tuesday.  It’s totally free and will be an awesome time…we’ll see you there!

You can find out more about the AZ Democratic Party and also make a donation (they’ll love you forever) at