One of Our Own Working for Change in Phoenix Schools

One of Our Own Working for Change in Phoenix SchoolsThis week, we turn our focus back to the upcoming election.  A longtime friend of mine, who helped me in my own coming process ‘back in the day’, is running for the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board for Ward 2.  Donna McHenry has been a very active member of our community for some time now.  She was the first paid coordinator for Valley One in Ten Youth Services (now 1n10) and has been involved with youth programs for many, many years.  Listen as we chat about what motivated her to make the run for a political office and what her own story is as a person in our own community.  She’s trying to make some positive and much-needed change in our schools and I’m delighted to see her move from just our own community to now trying to make changes in a larger theatre.  Check out her website and find out more at

This week, the Federal Government appealed the ruling on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  It’s not a gigantic setback to this progress we’ve seen, but it is frustrating to our community to be forced to wait for the court system and party politics to play themselves out.  If only there was a ‘Court of Common Sense’!!  Also this week, there was a great turnout for the vigil held at CityScape to remember the recent gay teen suicides.  That, along with everyone wearing purple and/or changing their profile on social media sites in some purple manner should continue to bring much-needed attention to this issue and create some change.

Last but not least, it’s the fabulous weather!  Did you know that it is now officially Fall?  Well, at least by the temperature anyways……it ‘officially’ became Autumn about a month ago but it still felt like summer!  So get out and enjoy your State and local area as we have this beautiful weather to enjoy the great outdoors!  J. Seth Anderson brings you another installment of our Weekend Events Update.  And don’t forget, tonight is the fundraiser up north for Flagstaff Pride….along with yet another fundraiser (Big Halloween Party!) for them down here in Phoenix on Oct 30th.  For all the details, check out the Flagstaff Pride website!  Also, it didn’t make it into my notes on the show, but there is Oktoberfest at CityScape is tonight and tomorrow in Downtown Phoenix.  Check out all the details on that right here!