It Gets Better!

It Gets Better!We are joining the chorus of voices this week of ‘Don’t Give Up — It Gets Better!’ as we approach National Coming Out Day.  With all of the gay teen suicides that have been reported in the media over the past few weeks, it’s really sad to see that this is still happening.  And especially with the absolutely horrific use of technology with Tyler Clementi being broadcast across the Internet via a video feed.  I mean, c’mon people, get a freakin’ clue and grow up, you’re in college!!

Enough ranting about bad uses of technology, our message to you this week is how both myself and J. Seth Anderson came out and dealt with issues with family, religion and more.  We also want to mention a great resources for those who are having trouble with their coming out process and considering ending their life.  The Trevor Project is a gay teen suicide prevention and helpline that operates 24x7x365.  It is an awesome resource that we’re lucky to have, so if you know of anyone who is having trouble and needs help, give them the number: 866-488-7386.  Better yet, go to the website and make a donation if you can to help them continue providing this much-needed service to our community.

During this National Coming Out Day, come out to someone new.  Make a difference by breaking the silence.  People’s attitudes toward us tend to change once they know one of us.  They find out that we don’t have 9 heads, aren’t a monster from another world, aren’t child molestors and are just regular people like everyone else.  As Harvey Milk once said, “Come Out!  You’ve gotta come out!”  So that’s our challenge to you, the listener on this National Coming Out Day.  Re-post this show everywhere you can and help us get the message out as wide as possible.  Like us Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe on iTunes.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the staff and contributors of QTalk Arizona.

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