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Ready. Set. VOTE! (+ Happy Halloween!)

Ready. Set. VOTE!Isn’t it funny how elections and Halloween somehow get stuck right together?  It seems to happen that way every two years, what a concept!

On this week’s show, we bring you all the election news that’s fit for your ears.  But, we’re not just bringing you the blah blah boring news or which candidate is ahead of the other one.  We give you the story behind the people that are talking to you, plus, we dig into the overall issues facing our state, country, and world for that matter.  It’s a totally fun and engaging interview this week with Katy June and Justin Unga, the Deputy Finance Director and Political Director (respectively) for the Arizona Democratic Party!

Aside from all the election talk, like just what does a political director do, anyways?  We’ve got our Spooktacular Guide to your 2010 Halloween Weekend!  J. Seth Anderson brings you all the haunts, events and stuff to do all around town.  So make it a great weekend and go out and have a blast! (Just don’t forget to sober up and vote on Tuesday!)

If you’re looking for something to do on election night and want to cheer on our candidates, check out the Election Night Party going on at the Wyndham Hotel in Downtown Phoenix at 6pm on Tuesday.  It’s totally free and will be an awesome time…we’ll see you there!

You can find out more about the AZ Democratic Party and also make a donation (they’ll love you forever) at

One of Our Own Working for Change in Phoenix Schools

One of Our Own Working for Change in Phoenix SchoolsThis week, we turn our focus back to the upcoming election.  A longtime friend of mine, who helped me in my own coming process ‘back in the day’, is running for the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board for Ward 2.  Donna McHenry has been a very active member of our community for some time now.  She was the first paid coordinator for Valley One in Ten Youth Services (now 1n10) and has been involved with youth programs for many, many years.  Listen as we chat about what motivated her to make the run for a political office and what her own story is as a person in our own community.  She’s trying to make some positive and much-needed change in our schools and I’m delighted to see her move from just our own community to now trying to make changes in a larger theatre.  Check out her website and find out more at

This week, the Federal Government appealed the ruling on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  It’s not a gigantic setback to this progress we’ve seen, but it is frustrating to our community to be forced to wait for the court system and party politics to play themselves out.  If only there was a ‘Court of Common Sense’!!  Also this week, there was a great turnout for the vigil held at CityScape to remember the recent gay teen suicides.  That, along with everyone wearing purple and/or changing their profile on social media sites in some purple manner should continue to bring much-needed attention to this issue and create some change.

Last but not least, it’s the fabulous weather!  Did you know that it is now officially Fall?  Well, at least by the temperature anyways……it ‘officially’ became Autumn about a month ago but it still felt like summer!  So get out and enjoy your State and local area as we have this beautiful weather to enjoy the great outdoors!  J. Seth Anderson brings you another installment of our Weekend Events Update.  And don’t forget, tonight is the fundraiser up north for Flagstaff Pride….along with yet another fundraiser (Big Halloween Party!) for them down here in Phoenix on Oct 30th.  For all the details, check out the Flagstaff Pride website!  Also, it didn’t make it into my notes on the show, but there is Oktoberfest at CityScape is tonight and tomorrow in Downtown Phoenix.  Check out all the details on that right here!

Fundraiser for Flagstaff Pride

Fundraiser for Flagstaff PrideThis week I get to chat with my friend from ‘up north’, Kathryn ‘Kat’ Jim from Flagstaff Pride!  Flagstaff Pride is holding a fundraiser entitled “Shannel” this coming Friday, October 22 at The Green Room in Flagstaff.  It’s just one of the several fundraisers a year that the organization holds to keep Pride in the minds of everyone and to raise funds for Pride and its various programs.  The event stars Afeelya Bunz and a special guest, starts at 9pm and is only $5!

For more information, visit the Flagstaff Pride website.

Kat also gives us some insight into her own life and coming out process and how she fell in love with Flagstaff and moved there quite quickly!  Flagstaff has a great and tight-knit glbt community, but it is not the traditional setup with bars and clubs like the big cities are used to.  If you’re thinking of making a move to Flagstaff, this is a great episode to listen to as she delivers great insight into glbt life in the mile-high town.

At the beginning of the show, I give some commentary on the up and down news this week of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” being stopped by an Federal judge’s injunction order, and then being later appealed by the Dept. of Justice.  What gives??!!  I invite you to chime in on our Facebook page, Twitter and right here on the website.  Tell us your feelings and we’ll chat about them on next week’s show!

And of course, don’t forget to stay and listen to our in-depth Events Update segment with J. Seth Anderson.  The State Fair opens up this weekend with an awesome concert by the B-52s, and the weather is _slowly_ starting to cool off.  Time to get out those walking shoes and go to some Fall festivals!  Even Tempe Town Lake is being refilled, so you can head out there for a stroll by the water again!

As always, spread the love about QTalk Arizona and tell your friends to listen.  We can’t grow without your help and support!

It Gets Better!

It Gets Better!We are joining the chorus of voices this week of ‘Don’t Give Up — It Gets Better!’ as we approach National Coming Out Day.  With all of the gay teen suicides that have been reported in the media over the past few weeks, it’s really sad to see that this is still happening.  And especially with the absolutely horrific use of technology with Tyler Clementi being broadcast across the Internet via a video feed.  I mean, c’mon people, get a freakin’ clue and grow up, you’re in college!!

Enough ranting about bad uses of technology, our message to you this week is how both myself and J. Seth Anderson came out and dealt with issues with family, religion and more.  We also want to mention a great resources for those who are having trouble with their coming out process and considering ending their life.  The Trevor Project is a gay teen suicide prevention and helpline that operates 24x7x365.  It is an awesome resource that we’re lucky to have, so if you know of anyone who is having trouble and needs help, give them the number: 866-488-7386.  Better yet, go to the website and make a donation if you can to help them continue providing this much-needed service to our community.

During this National Coming Out Day, come out to someone new.  Make a difference by breaking the silence.  People’s attitudes toward us tend to change once they know one of us.  They find out that we don’t have 9 heads, aren’t a monster from another world, aren’t child molestors and are just regular people like everyone else.  As Harvey Milk once said, “Come Out!  You’ve gotta come out!”  So that’s our challenge to you, the listener on this National Coming Out Day.  Re-post this show everywhere you can and help us get the message out as wide as possible.  Like us Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe on iTunes.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the staff and contributors of QTalk Arizona.

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Pride In The Desert

Pride In The DesertEven though this weekend is the BIG one here in Phoenix, with Rainbows Festival, AIDS Walk and plenty of other events going on, we want to tell you about Pride in Southern Arizona………NEXT weekend!

Tucson Pride turns 33 this year, and we’ve got the exclusive interview with David Ealy who tells us how it all got started.  ‘The Old Pueblo’, as Tucson is known, is a pretty welcoming and inclusive community for GLBT people.  Tucson Pride, The Tucson Observer and Wingspan all got their start in the late 1970s when a terrible beating death of a visiting man from Nebraska shocked the community.  The people of Tucson pulled together, passing anti-discrimination legislation and host of other measures that made it one of the first in the nation to do so.

Now, Tucson Pride has grown from a tiny grassroots event to a two-day Parade and Festival celebration!  Pride On Parade takes place on Friday evening, October 8th along Fourth Avenue near the University of Arizona and the Festival takes place the next day at Reid Park from 10am to 8pm.

Events Contributor J. Seth AndersonAll of the juicy details, plus pre-sale tickets can be found at

Also this week, we’ve had another young gay person take their own life.  These tragedies really need to end, and we’re encouraging you to become a role model or mentor for gay youth, now more than ever.  J. Seth Anderson comments on this at the beginning of our weekly Events Update.  And speaking of events, well, yeah……First Friday Art Walk, Rainbows Festival, AIDS Walk……among the many things going on.

Until next week, we hope to see out and about!  Don’t forget to become a fan of our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and tell your friends about the new voice of GLBT Arizona…QTalk Arizona!!