AIDS Walk Phoenix 2010

AIDS Walk Phoenix 2010Kirk Baxter continues to be incredibly involved in our community, even as he turns the magical 50 years young!  As if founding Body Positive many years ago wasn’t enough, he’s still the chair of the AIDS Walk today.  In its third year since coming back in 2008, the Walk is looking to once again double its fundraising this year and they need your help to do it!  Kirk talks about his own personal story and why the Walk is important to him.

AIDS Walk 2010 is Sunday, October 3rd and we give you all the details in the show.  The Walk is on the very same weekend as Rainbows Festival, and it always makes for a enjoyable time downtown!  We are challenging all of our listeners of QTalk Arizona to either participate in or donate to the Walk.  How, you ask?  Head over to — it’s easy!

And speaking of things to do, you’ll have to listen to Seth Anderson’s report on what is going on this weekend.  Did we mention there is a TON of things to do?  Explore your city and your state.  The weather has cooled a bit and won’t be scorching!

Here are some helpful links from Seth’s report: (Summer Chill)