New Energy for the US Senate

New Energy for the US SenateLook out Washington, Rodney Glassman has new energy and wants to steamroll ahead on many issues!  Rodney is courting the GLBT vote for the Arizona US Senate seat and has earned the endorsement of the Arizona Stonewall Democrats.  He’s very well spoken and has a proven track record from serving on the Tucson City Council.  He’s also had a taste of what goes on in Washington after serving on the Congressional staff of Rep. Raul Grijalva.  Listen as Rodney addresses many campaign points and talks about his stance on equal rights — ‘Equal Means Equal’.

Check out Rodney’s web site at along with Twitter and Facebook links.

Want to know the latest events going on around town?  Yep, you better listen to our events segment so you don’t miss out!

But most of all, get out and vote on Tuesday Aug 24th and exercise your constitutional right!  Need more information?  Check out this link for all the election and voter information you need!