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AIDS Walk Phoenix 2010

AIDS Walk Phoenix 2010Kirk Baxter continues to be incredibly involved in our community, even as he turns the magical 50 years young!  As if founding Body Positive many years ago wasn’t enough, he’s still the chair of the AIDS Walk today.  In its third year since coming back in 2008, the Walk is looking to once again double its fundraising this year and they need your help to do it!  Kirk talks about his own personal story and why the Walk is important to him.

AIDS Walk 2010 is Sunday, October 3rd and we give you all the details in the show.  The Walk is on the very same weekend as Rainbows Festival, and it always makes for a enjoyable time downtown!  We are challenging all of our listeners of QTalk Arizona to either participate in or donate to the Walk.  How, you ask?  Head over to — it’s easy!

And speaking of things to do, you’ll have to listen to Seth Anderson’s report on what is going on this weekend.  Did we mention there is a TON of things to do?  Explore your city and your state.  The weather has cooled a bit and won’t be scorching!

Here are some helpful links from Seth’s report: (Summer Chill)

New Energy for the US Senate

New Energy for the US SenateLook out Washington, Rodney Glassman has new energy and wants to steamroll ahead on many issues!  Rodney is courting the GLBT vote for the Arizona US Senate seat and has earned the endorsement of the Arizona Stonewall Democrats.  He’s very well spoken and has a proven track record from serving on the Tucson City Council.  He’s also had a taste of what goes on in Washington after serving on the Congressional staff of Rep. Raul Grijalva.  Listen as Rodney addresses many campaign points and talks about his stance on equal rights — ‘Equal Means Equal’.

Check out Rodney’s web site at along with Twitter and Facebook links.

Want to know the latest events going on around town?  Yep, you better listen to our events segment so you don’t miss out!

But most of all, get out and vote on Tuesday Aug 24th and exercise your constitutional right!  Need more information?  Check out this link for all the election and voter information you need!

One Of Our Own for Secretary of State

One Of Our Own for Secretary of StateSam Wercinski is a member of our very own community, a Veteran and a small business owner.  He wants to become our Secretary of State and we’re glad to bring this interview to you so you get to know Sam beyond the campaign slogans.  Sam is not a career politician and simply wants to make a difference as Arizona’s Secretary of State.  We talk about the responsibilities of the position and how it goes beyond just dealing with voting and elections.  We get to know Sam and his history as an individual along with the changes he’s already helped to bring to Arizona’s policies.

Visit Sam Wercinski’s website at and check his page out on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for stuff to do this weekend?  Events Contributor J. Seth Anderson has got the scoop for you on the show and here are the links that accompany his report: (One Community Networking Forum on Monday 8/16!!) (Flash Mob Rehearsal)

Be sure to check out J. Seth Anderson’s own blog on downtown events and much more at

A Genuine Candidate for Attorney General

A Genuine Attorney General CandidateFelecia Rotellini wants your vote.  But who is she and why is she reaching out to the GLBT community?  She’s what I call a ‘genuine’ candidate for the Attorney General of Arizona, not a career-minded politician.  She believes in equal rights for all. Not just ‘sort-of’ equal rights, but true equal rights.  I met her first at Phoenix Pride where she was the only AG candidate trying to reach out to us, and I also heard her speak at the event at My Florist Cafe a few weeks ago.

I’m pleased to bring you this interview with Felecia and you can listen to her position on various issues.  It’s part of our mini-series of interviews that we are doing to bring their voices, positions and stories directly to you.

Visit Felecia’s web site for full information at and also find her on Facebook and Twitter!

Of course, this week we had two great events happen: Proposition 8 was deemed unconstitutional and Elena Kagan was confirmed as the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  There’s definitely a feeling of momentum going on and we sincerely hope it continues!

We’ve also got the voice of J. Seth Anderson giving you the scoop on fun events going on around the state this weekend, check out the links below for more information and listen to the show for the full details.

Art Walk

Rosson House

(Doesn’t need a description)

Community Day at D-Backs

GPGLCC 2nd Annual Biz Bowl

Bodies: The Exhibition

Tucson Botanical Museum

Vote by Mail Registration