Blogging the Rails

Blogging the RailsThis week I talk with Tony Arranaga, who is the self titled ‘Light Rail Blogger.’  If you’re on Facebook or Twitter and you’re in or around the downtown Phoenix area and you don’t know him, then you’re probably living under a rock!  Tony started covering the METRO light rail around the time when it opened in December 2008 and the little project eventually turned into a challenge for him to live car-free in Phoenix, even during the summers!

Tony discusses what inspired him to start blogging about the light rail and a little bit about who he is and how he’s involved with the community.  We also discuss what the appeal of riding a train versus taking a bus and how it also appeals to the gay population.  Tony is always putting out useful information about all kinds of things going on in and around the METRO light rail line on his various online accounts.

Some Community Events Going on this Weekend in Phoenix:

1n10 Car Wash at Community Church of Hope:

Dancing with the Bars at Wyndham Downtown:

Like we mentioned on the show, there are changes coming up on Monday to METRO’s operating hours and train frequency.  For more details, head over to METRO’s web site.

You can find Tony’s Light Rail Blog pretty much all over the Internet, but here are some helpful links:

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