The HEAT is ON!

The HEAT is ON!Wasn’t it just 99 degrees outside?  These super-high temperatures always seem to creep up on us, but it seems this year that they have hit us like a frying pan that just came off an overheated sidewalk!

Not much you can do except to head indoors or into a nice cool body of water somewhere, but we’ve got some tips for you to get out of the heat and meet some new people.

In the news this week: Scientists find antibodies that prevent most HIV strains from infecting human cells.  Very impressive and encouraging news!  Check out the full article here. Also this week, a federal judge in Massachusetts has ruled parts of DOMA as unconstitutional.  What will the silly right-wing people in Washington do?  Hopefully they won’t notice and we can just keep moving forward with getting the equal rights that we deserve.

Congratulations to our political contributor Nathan Treanor, he recently continued his own podcast and is starting to put out new episodes!  He included his segment on his own show that he had contributed to qTalk AZ and you can listen to his podcast on iTunes or

We’re ramping up and scheduling our series of guests for qTalk Arizona and will probably be on a bi-weekly schedule until mid-August.  We’ll be hitting the political and election season hard and bring you some people and their stories who are trying to get your vote this year.  But more importantly, we’ll find out what they would actually be doing for us and not just why they want us to vote for them.

Until next time, if you want to go back in time and hear some other interviews from our previous incarnation, check out some of the old episodes of NidoCAST.  We might even replay them to keep things fresh here on qTalk Arizona.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the First Mondays Social tomorrow at Ticoz!